L1A1 Lower Receiver. New in white, Lithgow! (Incomplete)

Brand New, in the white (unfinished) Australian L1A1 Lowers. These are some of the very last lower receivers made by Lithgow, before production ended on the L1A1 Rifle (1988). **The only parts missing are the Dust Cover on the front of the Lower and the Hammer, Trigger and Sear Retaining Plate.** It is extremely rare to find Lowers like these. They are bare steel but were covered in grease from the factory. Possible light surface rust and storage nicks could be present. Lowers will need to be parkerized or coated, if you choose to use it. Comes with a new Lithgow made Recoil Tube. Only a few available!

L1A1, SLR, Inch Pattern, Aussie, Brit.
L1A1 Lower Receiver. New in white, Lithgow! (Incomplete)
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